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About Me - Jane Dolan

     For as long as I can remember, I have loved things handmade and personal, traditional and classic. Graduating from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Apparel Design, my interest has always been in design and the one-of-a-kind. The art of calligraphy fuels my passion with the perfect combination of detail and design. I love the way it encourages me to be intentional, slow down, sit down and enjoy!

      Raised in the north, I currently reside in South Alabama, along Mobile Bay, with my wonderful husband and four children. Together we find great joy in celebrations, and pleasure in the special times that mark all of our lives.
      I would love to hear your story and help set the tone for your special event, making it handmade and personal!

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About "SC"

Introductions can get long and boring, so I like to keep it short and simple. To the right you can find three words that I feel best describe Southern Calligraphy and my work. For more info, continue to read and see more below.

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Fonts & Styles

It's your choice.



• Romantic, elegant & formal

• Thick and thin lines created by applying pressure with a pointed pen


Flourished Italic

• Sophisticated, graceful & formal to semi-formal

• Created with a broad-tipped pen

• Enhanced with the calligraphers personal touch

wisdom script


• Most popular

• Rhythmic in nature - lines are crisp & clean

• Formal to semi-formal

• Created with a broad-tipped pen

wisdom script


• Classic, clear, formal to casual

• Created with a broad-tipped pen

• Rounded shape

wisdom script

Roman Caps

• Elegant light weight caps

• A favorite in combination with other fonts/styles

• Created with a pointed pen and hairline serifs

• Often, a broad-tipped pen is used which adds weight to the form

wisdom script

Monoline Lowercase Roman

• Crisp, simple & casual.

• Created by using a dip pen with a rounded end.

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And Estimates

Additional charges may apply for colored ink, dark-colored envelopes,
or envelopes with dark lining.

Envelope Addressing

Inner and outer envelope:
• Starting at $3.50 per set

Outer envelope only:
• Starting at $2.50 each

Return address (2 lines):
• Starting at $1.50 each

RSVP or "Thank You" envelopes:
• Starting at $2.00 each


Cards average the size of business cards after folding:
• Starting at $1.00 each


For other calligraphy requests, please feel free to call or email for a quote.

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Let's get in touch.

Phone & Email

Phone: (251) 422-1418
Email: jane@southerncalligraphy.com

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